Modules for Innovative & Diverse Leaders (MIDL) increases the diversity of leaders at the most senior levels in the fields of biotechnology, medical technology and consumer healthcare. After attending a MIDL Workshop, you'll know how to:

  • Examine your own thinking and behavior
  • Establish your personal purpose and set goals
  • Communicate your vision so others follow your lead
  • Develop your staff and foster innovative thinking
  • Manage relationships with colleagues and manage your peer network
  • Share challenges and best practices with peers from other companies 
  • Manage an organization and thrive in an evolving industry

Meet the MIDL Coaches 

Basant Sharma, Ph.D.   Charles Bridges, M.D.   Kimberly Paris   Peter Shen, Ph.D.
Josh Ghaim, Ph.D   Michelle McMurray-Heath, M.D., Ph.D.   Richard Murray, M.D.    

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