What is MIDL? 
MIDL is a professional development program designed to increase the diversity of industry leaders at the most senior levels in the fields of biotechnology, medical technology and consumer health care.

Middle managers, clinicians and academics with five years of experience or more, participate in a one-day MIDL Workshop followed by one-year of virtual support. Attendees receive personalized career development coaching and financial support for their attendance at a MIDL Workshop.  

Participants must be from racial and ethnic groups underrepresented in industry, including Hispanic Americans, Pacific Islanders, African Americans and Native Americans.

Why become a MIDL Industry Coach?

  • Share your experience with diverse clinicians, academics and middle managers
  • Increase the diversity of your organization
  • Enhance your ability to lead diverse teams
  • Refine your leadership competencies
  • Develop your staff and foster innovative thinking
  • Gain insight into current research developments
  • Engage future industry leaders
  • Attend the MIDL Workshop
  • Access the online MIDL Portal
  • Cultivate your peer network

    What experience is required to become a MIDL Industry Coach?

  • MIDL Industry Coaches must be currently employed in leaderships positions at companies in the biotechnology, medical technology or consumer healthcare industry

  • To become an Industry Coach, you should be nominated by a human resource representative from your company or a member of your company's executive staff

How do companies select the Industry Coaches who participate in MIDL?
ICPD provides participating companies with a MIDL Industry Coach recruitment flyer, which is typically distributed by human resources or communications departments to all qualified executives within the company.

Once Industry Coaches have been identified, ICPD provides the MIDL Industry Coaches with additional orientation information and prepares them for their participation in a MIDL Workshop.  ICPD also provides ongoing support for MIDL Industry Coaches as part of the program.

Are Industry Coaches also minorities?
MIDL Industry Coaches can be any ethnicity. 

What committments are MIDL Industry Coaches making?

  • Review the MIDL Coaches Primer
  • Attend a MIDL orientation call
  • Attend a MIDL Workshop
  • Participate in Workshop discussions
  • Lead small group break-out sessions
  • Participate in a MIDL Webinar
  • Tell your story in on-camera video interviews for the MIDL Portal
  • Participate in Workshop discussions
  • Periodically respond to leadership questions on the MILD Portal

Want to become an Industry Coach?

Ask a member of your human resource team to nominate you as a MIDL Industry Coach by submitting your name, job title and a brief biography to: 
Elisabeth Freeman at  efreeman@icpdprograms.org


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